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How can we

make films more sustainable?

Hello! If you're here, it's because sustainability and film are things that matter to you.

The environmental impact of the creative industries can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way! Together we can apply approaches and methods decreasing that footprint.

What is a green

A green consultant advises production companies at all stages of a film's production - from script via shooting to editing, or even its release - always with a focus on sustainability. As it is about using resources more efficiently and consciously, this often translates into financial savings. A win for the planet and a win for you.


Making films greener.

Minimise the footprint of a film production.

Raise awareness and educate professionals in the industry.

Switch on the green.



Accompanying production processes

Advice on sustainable measures within
the company



Dörte Schneider Garcia

Certified Green Consultant

Member of

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